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Lancet Inspection & Assembly Machine - LIAM

This is a sophisticated stand-alone machine designed to assemble one medical lancet assembly in 3.3 seconds using a combination of motorized and pneumatic robotic axis. The LIAM features a vision inspection to verify and correct the needle height protrusion after insertion, and then the needle bluntness. A "Mafu spring detangling machine is also...Learn More!

Pharmacy Automation

The Getech DDS is a turn key Digital Pharmacy solution. With an integrated conveyance system, robotic pick and dispense for blister, boxes and liquid medications in bottle formats. It handles in patient and out patientdemandsrelieving the pharmacy staff to deal with patient issues and questions. The system providesa sophisticated high speed storage and...Learn More!

Contact Lens Handling System - CLHS

CLHS is a sophisticated handling system for cosmetic contact lenses. The contact lenses are automatically picked and placed into each blister pack in a conveyor system. Saline solution is dispensed into each blister. Packaging foils are hermetically sealed and manufacturer's labels are printed directly with an industrial Inkjet printer. Download...Learn More!