Today Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems

Today Getech has evolved to become a major innovator of solutions to our customers' "Big Problems." With a diverse engineering team and experience in Mechanical, Electrical and Control Systems and Software. We pull on years of experience to first qualify the problem, and systematically evaluate what is required. With a clear scope of work, production output model and a deep understanding of modular systems and integration, we have proven time and time again that large complicated problems can be compartmentalized, and with a creative process simplified and automated.

Starting in Electronics manufacturing Automation

Today Getech operates in Electronics assembly, Test handling, Packing and Boxing, Parts Inspection, Sorting and most recently Healthcare Automation. As the global demand for faster and greater volumes of drugs to be dispensed accurately and delivered from centralized facilities we have engaged and delivered in the Automation systems. Each system is tailored to the facility and the population it services, an automated pharmacy allows the back office operations of drug picking, packing and labelling to be handled automatically, delivering a completed order to the pharmacist who can focus on the patient and their needs.

Automation at this level extends beyond the mechanical aspects of an automated solution into the digital realm of real time data and reporting, giving a health authority the ability to manage inventories and shelf sensitive items across multiple facilities.

Getech welcomes every opportunity to work with customers in the areas of business we operate, but equally in areas we have not. We believe every "Big Problem" has a solution and welcome the opportunity to work with you to find it.


Getech - Efficiency Through Automation is our mission.

Simplifying complexity and making the impossible possible has been the underlying value we have delivered to customers for over 30 years whether on in the PCBA Industry, Memory Manufacturing Systems and recently Pharmacy markets. Getech – consistency, reliability. Efficiency through Automation.”