Our mission

Getech is fully committed to hard work to achieve Excellence and Total Customer Satisfaction. We strive to maintain a close working relationship with all of our customers, to understand and participate in their requirements, specifications, technologies and quality conformance programs.

Established in 1992

Getech Automation was established in 1992 to focus on developing and manufacturing machines and systems to meet key needs of the PCBA and Semiconductor industries. Today Getech is a 100 person company with 2 manufacturing facilities in Singapore and a fully integrated engineering team. The company is still owned and operated by its 2 founders. In the 25 year history we have expanded from a local Singaporean Engineering Company serving the manufacturers based in Singapore to delivering complex systems globally to the Fortune 500 OEMs and CEMs. Most recently diversifying in areas of automation that sit outside electronics, we continue to grow and explore new markets where our expertise and innovative approach brings benefit.

Getech Today

Today Getech has evolved to become a major producer of machinery and automation systems used by PCBA and Semiconductor companies. Every machine and system delivers the highest degree of productivity while ensuring product quality and integrity. However, Getech's expertise extends beyond the world of electronics to include systems delivered to governmental agencies and corporate clients involved with Pharmaceutical delivery and munitions manufacture. The in-house engineering team behind Getech includes mechanical, electrical and software expertise. The team has an extremely broad understanding of "Process" and illustrates this with every turn key project by delivering the machines and systems to meet the customers' specifications again and again – no matter how diverse the application.

Always Delivering

Getech's reputation for delivering consistency, reliability and cost effective solutions to complex problems is understood by the many users around the world. We continue to strive to develop and push the boundaries for new and better solutions relying on our expertise in automation and robotic applications.

UKAS Quality management Systems

Quality Standards

Getech is certified as a Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015 company and has experience building machines to meet both CE and SEMI standards.